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Frequently Asked Questions

Many are unsure exactly who to contact related to government issues.  Below is a list of the most commonly received inquiries, along with a link to the appropriate page for the information:

Who do I contact regarding a traffic ticket?  Courts/Town Justice

How can I obtain a copy of past Tax Bills?  Onondaga County Website

Where can I file for tax exemptions (STAR/Senior/etc.)?

Where can I grieve my property tax assessment?  Assessor

Where can I get a Disabled Parking Permit?  Town Clerk

Where can I get a marriage license?  Town Clerk

Where can I get a dog license?  Town Clerk

Where can I get a hunting or fishing license?
  Town Clerk

Where can I get a building permit?  Code Enforcement

Where can I get a Freedom of Information (FOIL) request form?  Town Clerk

Where do I report a property not being maintained?
  Code Enforcement

Who should I notify about a streetlight that is out?  National Grid or Councilperson

Where can I pay my water bill?
  Directly to O.C.W.A., via mail, O.C.W.A website or O.C.W.A offices.

Who picks up brush & yard waste?  Highway Department

Where can I get a new recycling bin?  Highway Department

What items can I put out with my weekly trash pickup?  Trash/Recycling

Does the Town provide wildlife removal services?  No.

Who do I contact regarding deer issues?  New York State DEC

Where can I get a business certificate?
  Onondaga County Clerk

Who do I contact regarding household trash pickup?  Dependable Disposal

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