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Trash/Recycling Info

The weekly trash and bi-weekly recycling pickup within the Town of Camillus is provided by Dependable Disposal.  Only typical household waste will be collected.  Trash must be out on time for pickup, they are not able to return to homes that miss the pickup. On the weeks when both trash and recycle totes are out, please be sure to leave 4' between the totes.  If you have service questions or need to make special arrangements for an item pickup, please call Dependable Disposal at 315-472-7455.

Please refer to the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency's (OCRRA) website for recycling guidelines and information.  For information on their Toxic Waste Disposal program, click here.

For some holidays, trash and recycling pickup will be delayed one day from the date of the holiday through the remainder of the week.  Please refer to the Town Newsletter for updated information on trash & recycling holidays.  If a holiday is not listed, trash pick will remain on regular schedule that week!!


  • 10 bags of basic household rubbish placed in the tote.

  • 2 large items (armchair, standard couch) per household per year will be picked up at no charge IF PREVIOUSLY ARRANGED WITH Dependable Disposal.  Any additional items will incur a pickup fee.

  • Any type of trash bags is acceptable (clear, white, dark, etc.)

  • During snow season, the totes will be left in the driveway unless the homeowner clears an area in the yard for them. Dependable Disposal will do their best to set them back in their original place (but cannot guarantee they won’t be subsequently affected by wind, plows, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Books-Hardcover: 
    May be placed in the weekly trash, not the recycle bin.  Alternately, some local libraries and other organizations may accept them; see OCRRA's website for ideas.

  • Books-Paperback: 
    Should be placed in the recycling bin.

  • Carpeting:  
    Will only be picked up by prior arrangement with Dependable Disposal.  It must be cut into 3’ x 3’ sections and bound in manageable rolls/bundles for pickup; one room’s worth per week is allowable (equates to approximately 10-12 rolls/bundles).

  • Computers:  
    Electronics may not be placed in the household trash.  Dispose of them at a community recycling event or with a local business that accepts electronics; visit OCRRA for more info.

  • Construction Debris (wood, brick, etc.):
    Will not be picked up with the weekly trash but may be taken to the Landfill.

  • Cars
    Wheels For Wishes
    is a vehicle donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish Central New York. At no charge to residents, we pick up or tow away vehicles, anywhere in New York. Earned proceeds are donated to Make-A-Wish Central New York and help to grant the wishes of local kids.  Contact them:  1-877-690-9474 or website.

  • Fallen Tree Fruit: 
    A maximum of three small bags a week of apples, etc. may be placed in the trash tote.

  • Furniture (dressers, tables, etc.): 
    Can be put out for pickup once prior arrangements have been made and must be in their original form.  Dismantled or destroyed furniture will not be picked up.

  • Furniture-Upholstered: 
    Upholstered furniture may be picked up if prior arrangements are made with Dependable Disposal.  Furniture with metal (i.e. recliners or sleeper sofas) may be picked up for an additional fee.  Contact Dependable Disposal for more information.

  • Lawn Furniture-Wooden: 
    No picnic tables, painted, or pressure treated wood lawn furniture will be picked up.  Pressure treated wood of 4' or less may be taken to OCRRA's Rock Cut Road facility for a fee; visit OCRRA for more info.

  • Lawn Furniture-Aluminum:  
    Standard aluminum frame/plastic webbing type lawn furniture will be picked up.

  • Mattresses/Box Springs:  
    Mattress pickup can be arranged with Dependable Disposal.  Please note that payment of $15 must be made to cover the disposal fee charged by OCRRA for this type of item. 

  • Scrap Metal
    No scrap or other metal will be picked up.  Some items may be eligible for pickup by the Highway Department if prior arrangements are made.  For additional info on disposal, visit OCRRA and search "scrap metal". 

  • Sharps:
    Place used sharps in a solid plastic lidded bottle such as a laundry detergent bottle and secure the lid tightly.  Write "SHARPS" on the top with a marker and place in your trash tote on top of the trash bags.

  • Microwaves: 
    Will be picked up by prior arrangement with Dependable Disposal – a $25 surcharge applies.

  • Paint/Stain/Varnish Cans:  
    Cans that are empty or have dry and hardened product and the lid removed may be placed in the household trash.  For information on disposing of leftover product, visit PaintCare Program or visit OCRRA for more info on disposal.

  • Pools/Pool Liners & Covers:
    Pools will not be picked up.  Solar covers and liners will be picked up if prior arrangements are made with Dependable Disposal.

  • Pumpkins:  
    A maximum of two per week may be placed in the household trash.  They will not be retrieved from yard waste piles.

  • Styrofoam: 
    Should be placed in the regular trash; it is not recyclable.

  • Televisions:
    Will be picked up by prior arrangement with Dependable Disposal – surcharge applie


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