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John Fatcheric Supervisor 315-488-1335
Joy Flood 3rd Ward Councilor 315-487-5705
Dick Griffo 5th Ward Councilor 315-481-7765
Steve James 4th Ward Councilor 315-727-9613
Mike LaFlair 2nd Ward Councilor 315-706-8803
Mary Luber 1st Ward Councilor 315-243-9263
Matt Mahoney 6th Ward Councilor
Eric Bacon Director of Parks & Recreation 315-487-3600
Celeste Karakas Assessor 315-487-7574
Martha Dickson-McMahon Town Clerk 315-488-1234
Melissa Mariano Dog Control Officer 315-488-1234
Paul Legnetto Highway Superintendent 315-672-5556
Matthew Dotzler Justice 315-487-0600
John Petosa Justice 315-487-7066
Gregg Humphrey Code Enforcement Officer 315-487-8930
Michael Schreyer Police Chief 315-487-0103

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