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Town Clerk


Town Clerk:
  Martha Dickson-McMahon

Theresa Garvey, Deputy Town Clerk
Sue Lucio
, Deputy Town Clerk

4600 W. Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13219

Business hours: 
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday
(except holidays)

Phone: (315) 488-1234

The Town Clerk’s Office offers a wide range of licensing, permits, records, and informational services to Town residents, as well as collecting property and school taxes. 

The Town Clerk is a collection point for the Town & County Property Tax bills and School Tax bills that are mailed to you by Onondaga County.  

Tax payments should be made by mail, online, or left in the secure drop box at the Municipal Building; receipts are provided for all submissions.  In person payments may be made from
8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. only on regular business days.

Residents may be eligible for various tax exemptions that reduce the taxes levied against your property – please see the
Assessor page for more information about tax exemptions.

Need a copy of a current tax bill or past receipt?  Click here

Town & County Taxes
Onondaga County mails out the Town & County property tax bills at the end of December and property owners have 30 days to pay without penalty. After 30 days penalties accrue on any outstanding balances as outlined on the bill.

School Taxes
Onondaga County mails out the School tax bills at the end of August and property owners have 30 days to pay without penalty.  
After 30 days penalties accrue on any outstanding balances as outlined on the bill.

Escrow Accounts
Many property owners have arranged for their taxes to be paid from their escrow account with their mortgage holder.  Indirect payments such as these do not exempt property owners from penalties and fees resulting from late or non-payment of property taxes. It is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to ensure timely payment of all taxes.


Town of Camillus residents may apply for a passport by appointment only.  Please call the office to check availability.  If you are not a Town of Camillus resident, please click here to find your closest passport acceptance agent.  

For application forms and additional information, please visit the U.S. Department of State's website.
Freedom of Information Law:
Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) provides citizens the right to access certain government records.  Requests for documents available under FOIL should be submitted using the application form below.  Requests will be acknowledged within five days.  Standard sized document copies incur a cost of $.25/page or can be emailed at no cost.  Non-standard documents or digital media will incur the cost to duplicate, a quote for which will be quoted in advance.  Voluminous requests will require additional time to process and may incur additional costs for materials and labor, which will be quoted in advance.

Freedom of Information Request Form

Read about New York State's Open Government Laws


Marriage Licenses
Town of Camillus residents aged 18 or over may obtain a New York State marriage license from the Town Clerk’s office.  Both parties must apply in person and provide 1) proof of age in the form of an offical birth certificate, official baptismal record, or naturalization papers  2) proof of identity in the form of a Driver’s License, Passport, employment picture id, or immigration record and 3) if it is not the first marriage, certified documents of the dissolution of all previous marriages (i.e.-divorce decree, death certificate).    We cannot accept photocopies of any of these documents.  If the proof of age or identity is not in English, a certified transcript must be submitted as well.

Marriage licenses are not valid during the 24-hour waiting period after issuance and are good for 60 days after that.  The license fee is $40.  Please note that marriage licenses are only issued from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Certified copies of marriage certificates may be obtained only if the original marriage license was issued from the Camillus Town Clerk’s Office.  An application form or letter of request must be submitted, along with photo identification and $10.

For more information on marriage licenses, please visit the New York State Department of Health website. 

Dog Licenses
New York State requires that all dogs over the age of 4 months must be licensed.  The Town Clerk’s Office issues dog licenses under the authority of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.  New licenses may be obtained by mail and annual renewals may be submitted by mail or online.

To obtain a license, the owner must provide to the Town Clerk’s office veterinary documentation of a current rabies vaccination and, if spayed or neutered, the certificate issued by the surgeon who performed the procedure.  Licensing fees are:  $7.00 spayed/neutered, $14.00 unspayed/unneutered.

For additional information, please visit the Dog Control page of this website. 

Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Licenses
The Town Clerk’s Office issues hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses under the authority of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  Fees vary and are payable by cash or check only.  Proof of New York State residency must be presented to receive licenses at state resident prices.

To purchase your license online or for additional information, please visit the New York State DEC website.

Accessible Parking Permits
Accessible Parking permits are issued under the authority of the New York State Department of Motor vehicles.  To obtain one, an application form must be completely filled out by one of the qualified medical professionals listed on the form.  The application must have the original signature of the medical professional authorizing the permit, photocopies or faxes cannot be accepted.

When properly completed by the medical professional and the applicant, the application can be presented at the Town Clerk’s Office along with the applicant’s driver license or non-driver ID card (if applicable).  Applicants may authorize a third party to present this information and obtain a permit on their behalf.

For additional information, please visit the New York State DMV website.

Download a DMV application for a disabled parking permit.

Charitable Gaming Licenses
Games of Chance Licenses are issued under the authority of the New York State Charitable Gaming Commission.  In order to conduct games of chance events such as bingo, pull-tab cards, or casino nights, organizations must obtain a New York State registration number and file the appropriate application forms in triplicate with the Town Clerk’s office. 

For application forms and complete instructions, please visit the New York State Gaming Commission website.

Peddler/Solicitor License
Any person, whether as an individual or as an agent for another party, who wishes to sell goods or services from a public street, public place, or door-to-door must obtain a Peddler/Solicitor License from the Town Clerk’s Office.  The fee is $200.00 plus a $10.00 fee for a criminal background check. 

Applicants must present photo identification and be prepared to provide detailed information regarding themselves, the company they work for, any vehicles to be used, the goods to be distributed, and the name, address, and phone number of a New York State resident upon whom any documents related to the applicant may be served.

Peddlers/Solicitors who receive payment or deposit in advance of delivery will be required to provide $5,000 cash deposit or bond as security.

Peddler's Permit application

Residents:  Tips on dealing with Peddlers & Solicitors

Block Party Permit
Block Parties are allowed by permit only within the Town of Camillus.  To obtain the permit, the individual taking responsibility for the event must submit an application providing their personal information, as well as the date, time, and location of the block party at least two weeks in advance of the event.  Once approved by local emergency services agencies, the permit will be issued, and the Camillus Highway Department will provide sawhorses to block the road.  There is no fee for a Block Party Permit.

Block Party Permit application.


Where can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?:
For persons born in Onondaga County, a certified copy of a birth certificate can be obtained from the Onondaga County Office of Vital Statistics. This can be done in person at their office in the Civic Center and can also be done online, by fax, by phone, or by mail. For more information, visit the Onondaga County Office of Vital Statistics website.

Where can I get a certified copy of a death certificate?:
For persons who died in Onondaga County, a certified copy of a death certificate can be obtained from the Onondaga County Office of Vital Statistics. This can be done in person at their office in the Civic Center and can also be done online, by fax, by phone, or by mail. For more information, visit the Onondaga County Office of Vital Statistics website.

I never received my tax bill, or received it late; do I still have to pay the penalty?

Yes, New York State Real Property Tax law dictates that the property owner’s failure to receive a bill does not relieve them of responsibility to pay their taxes by the due date. Neither the tax collectors nor any other official has the legal authority to waive any of the late payment penalty charges set forth by law.

If I mail my tax payment on the due date, do I have to pay a penalty?
New York State Real Property Tax law states that payments mailed in a properly addressed envelope with appropriate postage and a U.S. Postal Service postmark date equivalent to the due date (postage meter postmarks do not qualify), and left in the custody of the U.S. Postal Service by the payment due date will be considered as an on time payment.

May I make a partial tax payment?
The Town of Camillus does offer the option of partial tax payments to those whose accounts are up to date. The first payment of at least $20.00 must be paid by the last day to pay without penalty. Town & County taxes may be paid in four installments and school taxes may be paid in three installments; all applicable late payment penalties still apply. 

May I pre-pay my taxes?
Property tax payments can be accepted by our office once Onondaga County has issued the warrant to collect the taxes; the date varies year to year.  Keep in mind that paying in advance of the calendar year for which the tax bill is intended may negatively impact your personal tax filing.  School taxes may not be paid in advance.

May I pay by credit card?
Yes! Click here for information.

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