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Manure Storage Facility

Supervisor Fatcheric has reached out to Jason Mulford, Principal Environmental Analyst, Department of Agriculture and Markets. Mr. Mulford has responded that he plans to review the proposed project and will be discussing the situation with the Farmland Protection Unit staff as well as the Division Director of Land and Water. He is also willing to attend a question and answer session, the timing of which will have to be coordinated with everyone’s schedules.

At this time, the Town is exploring all avenues working with the legal team regarding possible oversite of the project, as well as having ongoing communications with Hourigan Farms.

The questions that were submitted to the Supervisor have been given to the following individuals for response. Once the answers have been received, they will be posted on the website as well.

·         Mark Burger, Exec. Dir. Onon. Cty. Soil & Water Conservation District
·         Tom Price, Town of Camillus Code Enforcement Officer
·         Chuck White, Town of Camillus Engineer
·         Legal Team at Costello, Cooney, & Fearon
·         Mr. Richard Hourigan, Hourigan Family Farms

The Supervisor has also personally spoken to both Senator Mannion and Assemblyman Lemondes and their statements in response to those discussions are below. The Supervisor is working continuously on this important matter.

Assemblyman Lemondes Statement

Senator Mannion Statement

Questions & Answers to Date

Geologist Questions & Answers


Facility Drawings (draft copies; location subject to change)

Operation and Maintenance Requirements

Onondaga County Soil & Water Permitting Requirements Form

Town Engineer Analysis

SEQR Explanation

Hourigan Farm Overview and Fact Sheet

Proposed Local Law C-2022

SOCPA Response Local Law C-2022

NYSDAM Response Local Law C-2022

Local Law 5-2022

Scolaro, Fetter, Grizante, McGough Letter to Costello, Cooney, & Fearon

Costello, Cooney, & Fearon Letter to Scolaro, Fetter, Grizante, McGough

DEC Response to Councilor Luber Letter of Inquiry

R. Hourigan Letter of 2/14/23

Response to R. Hourigan Letter of 3/14/23

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