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Honeywell/Onondaga Lake Cleanup

Honeywell's 24/7 hotline for complaints/concerns:  315-313-8068.  Click here to see related flyer.

As part of continuing efforts to keep residents up to date regarding the Honeywell/Onondaga Lake Cleanup Project, we provide the following brief summary documents for resident review.  The full extent of the available documents is voluminous and cannot be provided here however, anyone wishing to review the full content or research more specific information may do so at the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours.

Lake Dredging FAQ
SCA FAQ Intro Letter 
SCA FAQ Document
HHRA FAQ Document

Benzene Monitoring Evaluation Plan
Odor Sampling & Analysis
DEC Response to Exposure Report
Air Contaminent Exposure Report
Lake Clean Up Annual Report
IRM Construction at WB 1-8 Site
Dredging Update End of Season
Onondaga Lake Natural Resource Damage Assessment
Press Release-Job Training
Remediation Site Photo Gallery
Site Air & Odor Monitoring
Honeywell-Upper Harbor Brook IRM Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet-Finalized Dredging Design
Lake Dredging Begins
Dredging Update
Hydraulic Dredge Arrives in Syracuse
Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Site, Outboard Area IRM
2011 Onondaga Lake Cleanup Report
Fact Sheet Community Health & Safety Plan
Notice of Onondaga Lake Draft Phosphorus TMDL
Phosphorus TMDL Available for Review and Comment
No Superfund action at Crouse-Hinds_Mathews Ave. Landfills
Hiawatha Former MGP Cleanup
Underwater Archeological Objects
Fact Sheet-American Bag & Metal Brownfield
Adjacent Areas to be Dredged FINAL Fact Sheet
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fact Sheet
Lake Pump Fact Sheet
Construction Design Final Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet-Crucible Lake Pump Site
Superfund Determination - Wastebeds 9-15
Wastebeds 1-8 Interim Remedial Measure Response Action Document
Wastebed B-Harbor Brook Barrier Wall Fact Sheet
2011 Construction Fact Sheet-Final
Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Site, East Barrier Wall Interim Remedial Measure
EPA Promotes Green Infrastructure
Fact Sheet-Voluntary Cleanup Program
Fact Sheet-State Superfund Program
2011 Construction Fact Sheet
Phase 1B Reconnaissance Survey
The Record of Decision (ROD) for the Crouse-Hinds Landfills Site
DEC Fact Sheet-Geddes Brook/Nine Mile Creek Consent Decree
Community Health & Safety Plan-2011/12 Construction
IRM Response Action:  Public Comment & Meeting re-Wastebeds 1-8
IRM Response Action:  Public Comment & Meeting re-Wastebed B 
EPA Response to Town's Letter of Concern
EPA Response to Technology Research Request
Executed Consent Order; WB 9-15 
Evaportranspiration Fact Sheet
Honeywell Wastebed Closure Settlement
Superfund Determination Notice
Draft Design-Water Treatment Plant
Honeywell Letter to Camillus Residents
Community Health & Safety Plan
DEC Letter to Gillibrand, Maffei, & Shumer
DEC Letter to Honeywell-Permit Exemption
Gillibrand, Maffei, & Schumer Letter to EPA
Archeological Work Plan
EPA's Human Health Risk Assessment Presentation
Local Permit Exemption Request
DEC Letter/Commitments to Town
Town Engineer's Review of HHRA
Sediment Managment Intermediate Design Fact Sheet
Draft Health & Safety Plan
SCA 2010 Construction HSP_Final Fact Sheet
EPA Health Risk Assessment
EPA Health Risk Assessment Community Update
Nine Mile Creek Letter to DEC
Final Capping & Dredging Fact Sheet
Shrub Willow Newsletter
Letter from Supervisor Mary Ann Coogan to EPA
SCA FAQ Intro Letter 
SCA FAQ Document
Town Engineer Notes From DEC Meeting
SCA Water Treatment Plant Draft
Letter from Legislator Reinhart to DEC
Letter from Senator DeFrancisco to EPA & DEC
Letter from Senator Schumer & Congressman Maffei to EPA
Letter from Assemblyman Barclay to DEC
Habitat Restoration
Barrier Wall Fact Sheet
Phase 1B Archeological Plan Cover *
Phase 1B Archeological Plan Cover (1) *
Phase V Workplan-Habitat
Snowmelt Work Scope
Document - 01/29/10
Time Table and Comments
New York State DEC Fact Sheet
Executive Summary - Draft Onondaga Lake Sediment Consolidation Area Civil & Geotechnical Intial Design Submittal
Public Information Meeting - January 14

*Due to size constraints, the full text of this document is not posted but is available for review at the Town Clerk's office.

Allied Highway Relocation Agreement
Allied Revegetation Program for Settling Basins
Allied Waste Deposit Agreement
Allied Wastewater Treatment Agreement
Allied Zone Change Agreement
DEC Consent Order
DEC Hazardous Waste Notification
ZBA Notice of Action

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